Rstudio deployment

Good afternoon,
I'am working on deploying Rstudio server in my linux Environment Servers. But trying to integrate Rstudio with the active directory environment while following the instructions available online for Rstudio authentication with the proxies. However, trying to connect to Rstudio server strong text, i had this error "invalid response from an upstream server."
"The proxy server could not handle the request POST /auth-do-sign-in."
Can you please help me troubleshooting that error?

Can you please add a bit more details? For example:

  • Are you using the open source or the pro version of RStudio Server?
  • Which instructions for "authentication with the proxies" are you referring to?
  • What does your current configuration look like?

Good afternoon Ralf,

The proxy problem has been resolved. This is the issue that i'm dealing with at this moment. I deployed Rstudio server open source version1.2.5033 on my RedHat 7 for web-based access to a compute environment. I followed the configuration instructions step online from rstudio website which i integrated with my active directory server, but others user are not able to login and even remotely to the Rstudio server. This is an error that appears "Incorrect or invalid username /password ", however those users are using the right credentials to login. What could be the problem?


Can you please tell me which configuration instructions you followed and what your current configuration is like? The open source RStudio Server only uses PAM authentication, so it is not clear to me what your set-up might be like.

BTW, since my initial reponse did not answer your question, you should not mark it as such.

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