RStudio (desktop) file pane is hanging - how can I get out of this?

I created a massive file in my RStudio project by mistake (several million lines) and it gummed up the whole system and made everything go very slowly. I eventually managed to save the code file I was actually working on, close down RStudio and reboot my machine (Windows).

I then went into Windows Explorer and deleted the massive file from the directory.

Now when I open up RStudio, and open up the project, the massive file is still there in an open Source tab, even though it has been deleted. The change I saved to my other open file does not appear - I just get the previous version of the file without that edit. The File pane does not render the files in the directory, it just has the whirly clock thing forever.


The R console prompt never appears, and the Git and Environment etc panes are all blank (unrendered, not just empty) too.
If I try to do something like create a new file, that command also never completes.


All the menus don't render either (file menu shown here for an example).


It feels like RStudio got broken by the massive file and it is just trying to re-render the previous state of its open files. The source pane is responsive, except for the tab with all the data (still showing the filename in the tab header, even though the file doesn't exist any more).

How can I get it to catch up with reality and allow me to work in the project again? Is there some sort of snapshot of the current project directory state that I can delete, and force it to refresh?

I can open other projects in RStudio just fine.

The solution to this was to delete the .Rproj.user folder within the project. This removes the current state of open panes and so on.
Thanks to @matt

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