Rstudio does not start after changing OpenGL settings

Dear all,

After trying to plot something with plot_ly() I got a message " WebGL not supported in internal browser".

Therefore I changed "Rendering engine" in Advanced settings from "automatic" to "desktop OpenGL".

After this change Rstudio does not start and with diagnostics I get the following messages

R session launched, attempting to connect on port 35029...
[11668:12416:1130/] wglCreatePbufferARB not available.
[11668:12416:1130/165250.196:ERROR:gl_surface_qt.cpp(200)] Requested OpenGL implementation is not supported. Implementation: 1
Successfully initialized R session.

Diagnostics report written to: C:/Users/username/Documents/rstudio-diagnostics/diagnostics-report.txt

I deinstalled and reinstalled the latest version of Rstudio and I deleted the "Rstudio_Desktop" folder which did not solve the problem. I use Windows 10.

Hope someone can help.



EDIT: I forgot to say that I was working from a remote desktop connection.

OK I solved it. I found the solution here.

I changed in



And everything was back to normal.


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Unfortunately, OpenGL support is not great over remote desktop connections. I would recommend considering RStudio Server as an alternative.

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