Rstudio does not start after loading the file inmigintnalpry.csv

install.packages("curl", dependencies = TRUE)
install.packages("httr", dependencies = TRUE)
install.packages("swirl", dependencies = TRUE)
install_course_github("ifunam", "programacion-estadistica-r")

I was doing topic 4 of the swirl course (programacion-estadistica-r), but when the document inmigintnalpry.csv was opened, Rstudio stopped and the system (Ubuntu 18.04) was frozen. The only way to turn it on and off is with the power button. All information is stored in ~ / .RData. Now every time I start Rstudio the whole system freezes. What I can do?
Thank you

Try deleting ~/.Rdata file

I can not open Rstudio, I can only use the Ubuntu terminal, with what function could I do it? Thank you

On a system terminal you can use

rm ~/.Rdata

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