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Today I installed R 3.6.0 for my Windows computer and Rstudio 1.2.1335. R works as expected, but Rstudio cannot be opened at all. When I try to open the program, it shows a blue circle to show it’s trying to open, but eventually nothing happens. I uninstalled both R and Rstudio three times already, but the problem will not be solved. I also followed all the instructions stated on the website of Rstudio, but untill now there is no success. Can someone please help me with this problem?

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Same exact issue on my end. I tried resetting R Studio's state and also uninstalling and reinstalling R Studio.

Also tried to manually boot to an older version of R.

Did it work downloading an older version of Rstudio? I tried this morning and it finally works!

Which version of RStudio worked for you?

R studio 1.1.463 (

Latest version did not work for me as well on my Windows 7 machine, despite suggestions here

Though it did work on my Windows 10 laptop.

Currently, settling down for the older version RStudio-1.1.463.

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