Rstudio doesn't show all columns in Global Environment pane (after importing from SPSS)

I have imported a data which consist of 87 variables from SPSS sav file. Only 53 appears in Global Environment but when I use names(data) all columns are listed. Why is that ?
How to force RS to fully display all columns in Global Environment ?

Possibly there is not enough room is the screen? Which of the 87 variables are being displayed? As a check, what do you get if you do



Str(), glimpse() works well.

I don't know, I just suddenly spotted it today. I always was thinking that in global environment (List mode not Grid mode) I could scroll to see all variables. Today out of 87 it displays 57 variables.

Do you know other alternatives to str() or glimpse() or how to export str() results to dataframe ?

Without the data set, it is difficult to say, but my guess is that R simply does not display data in the way you expect. It can be a real frustration.

[quote]Do you know other alternatives to str() or glimpse()

No, they are ways to view a data object. I do not think there is much else that supplies a visual summary.

I think the main thing is that it is not always possible to view an R object as easily as a text file or a spreadsheet.

Hi, data downloaded from here:

imported to R with:

spss_data <- foreign::read.spss("2013_YRBS_1.sav", use.value.labels = TRUE, = TRUE, reencode = TRUE )

In RStudio global environment not all columns are shown:


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