RStudio errors after changing rendering engine

I recently got a new Windows laptop and have been moving all my old code over and getting everything setup. I was using R and RStudio for several days with no issues. But then I needed to install the development version of ggrepel from GitHub, which required me to install devtools and RTools.

RStudio hung up while installing devtools and ever since I have been having issues. I have uninstalled/re-installed both R and RStudio (and RTools for that matter) multiple times. I have deleted appdata\RStudio and appdata\RStudio-Desktop and no change in behavior. When I try to start RStudio I get a white window and the title bar quickly changes to "Not Responding".

If I hold down CTRL when starting RStudio and change the rendering engine to "software" then the program will start. It let me install devtools, however when I run


I get an error

Error:package 'digest' does not have a namespace

What can I do to get back to a functional installation of RStudio?

This doesn't mean your setup is non functional. It means the package you want to install has a dependency on another package that you dont have


I did that and it seemed to install okay, but I continued to get
Error:package 'digest' does not have a namespace

every time I tried to install anything. Interestingly, this also occurred when I tried to do the installs using the base R GUI

In the end (as I was producing things for work that were due by 8 am) I removed R and re-installed v3.6.3 and everything worked...still not sure what is going on

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