RStudio extremely slow

Hi all,

I purchased a new computer to run my statistical analyses as my old one with 8GB ram got too slow. Now I have a Lenovo X1 Extreme device with 32GB ram and the i7-8850H 2.6 GHz processor. I use Windows 10.

The very frustrating thing is that running the same scripts that I used to run with my old laptop are taking a lot longer now (4-5x longer). That seems not right.

I was wondering if some of you have experienced the same problem and/or know a solution to this problem? I have already renamed the RStudio-Desktop folder to reset RStudio and re-installed the programme too. Neither of those suggested solutions worked for me. So, any advice is greatly appreciated.

What version of RStudio are you using? Have you tried the preview release?

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your answer. I installed the preview release. However, that did not change anything about the described issue.

The other thing worth checking would be your power management settings -- if you're running your laptop without a connected power source, the processor may switch into a low-power mode and thereby provide less processing power to various applications.

You might also want to confirm whether you see the same thing using RGui as opposed to RStudio, just to rule out whether the issue may be specific to RStudio or not.

Hi Kevin,

I put my computer on best performance setting with and without power source plugged in. There is also no difference between the speed of executing the code if I am running it with the power source connected or not.

I ran the code in the RGui. The code runs considerably faster. However, compared to running the code in RStudio on my older laptop it still takes twice as long.

Interesting. Any chance you could share a reproducible example? (Some self-contained code, not relying on any external data, that runs faster for you in RGui than compared to RStudio)

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