Rstudio file monitoring fails

Hello there! Rstudio tells me that it disabled R source file monitoring and Diagnostics .

This issue discussed it, but never solved it: RStudio file monitoring failure

Here is my system:
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Rstudio version 1.4.999

The above mentioned post suggested
'Something is consuming inotify watches on your system' and the post provided a script to run. which I did.

So what is consuming inotify watches (maybe better to ask, what not):

  • Atom (editor) (Several processes)
  • /usr/libexec/tracker-miner-fs (some sort of file indexer for ubuntu)
  • syncthing (but isn't tracking this folder)
  • /usr/libexec/gsd-xsettings
  • systemd
  • gcfsd-trash
  • snap store
  • nautilus
  • gnome-shell
  • keybase
  • firefox
  • goa,
  • ibus
  • pulseaudio
  • zeitgeist
  • gnome session

And probably more.
But the top consumer (according to the script) is atom. with a whopping 41923 consumes (/snap/atom/263/usr/share/atom/atom --type=renderer --enable-experimental-web-platform-features --field-trial-handle=1016)

I changed the settings in Atom from native filesystem watcher to emulated. and now I do not see the warning at startup. and the script tells me that the top inotify watcher count is tracker-miner-fs

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