RStudio for Dummies

Suppose a person is coming to RStudio without using any prior experience with IDEs or any clear sense of what sort of capacities they should expect in an IDE. Suppose they lack the sort of digital cultural knowledge that makes most of the abbreviated descriptions on the RStudio Cheatsheet immediately comprehensible. What resource or resources would you recommend to such a person (focusing specifically on the IDE, not more general R or programming learning? I'm looking for something that can be used to build toward proficiency, not just basic up-and-running instructions.

Because different people absorb information with different levels of ease from different media, I am interested both in video and also in print (or easily printable) resources.

Thanks! andrewH (but thinking of becoming andrew_h)

P.S. I found a tag for teaching, but perhaps there should also be a tag for learning.

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I think the closest analog we have to an "Introduction to RStudio" guide is this part of Hadley's R for Data Science book:

In particular, this section of the book discusses workflows and specifically illuminates some of the RStudio features that make this easy:

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I found these YT videos very useful not just for beginners

RStudio Tips and Tricks by Sean Lopp (RStudio)

R language tip: Save time with RStudio code snippets


Thanks, RuReady! These, especially the first, are just what I had in mind. --Andrew

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