RStudio hanging when loading my .Rmd file

I've been making a .Rmd file over a period of weeks. The file is 4511 lines long now.

I made a few changes today and RStudio crashed while executing one of cells. When I try to reload the .Rmd file, it crashes.

(By crash, I mean the Rstudio turns gray, and when I try closing the window, I get a msg from Linux "This window is not responding Do you want to force the application to exit or wait for it to respond?")

It seems to partially load the unsaved .Rmd file and then hang.

This happens repeatedly. I've also tried deleting the .RData file but that doesn't seem to help. During one attempt to load it, it crashed so hard that I had to reboot my computer. RStudio is still hanging after the reboot.

I'm running RStudio 1.1.463, R 3.4.4; Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS

This is a work related file, so I'm reluctant to upload the file itself. One bit of luck, is I have this file under git control and the last committed version differs only slightly from the saved version. To complicate matters a bit more, rstudio crashed before I did a save, so there is a temp saved version somewhere that is getting loaded, but I don't know where.

I see there is a debug and log file, so I will try running rstudio from the command line with the -debug and -log options.

(I will add info to this post, but I just wanted to get it started.)

Any other hints about how to get more diagnostic information would be appreciated.

I ran:

rstudio -flush -debug -log sleep-crash.log MYFILE.Rmd

and it hung the same way but no log file was generated and this output was generated (which I have seen before without a hung occurring):

load glyph failed err=6 face=0x112dd00, glyph=2797
load glyph failed err=6 face=0x112dd00, glyph=2797

I also tried deleting (renaming) the .Rhistory file. The file name did NOT show up in red (indicating that it had been modified). but rstudio still crashed.

I restored to the previous version of the code and now it loads without hanging. A difference of about half dozen lines of R code and nothing fancy.

I tried remove the .Rproject directory (renamed it) but that didn't prevent the hanging.

After restoring the original Rmd file, I did some more edits, and Rstudio hung again. I went in and removed a lot of dead (temporary) code that I didn't need anymore, and now Rstudio behaves itself after loading the file.

If I were to hazard a guess, I suspect Rstudio is having problems with the formatting of the .Rmd as it is loading it. I might also be that my setting including displaying the warnings in the left gutter.

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You might also try using the preview release, just to see if the issue has been fixed there.

If not, it would help if you could share the document (or some sanitized version of it) that we might try to reproduce the issue locally.

You can also try resetting RStudio's state:

(Never mind... I now can download the new version.)

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