RStudio hangs and wont run any code

Just under a year has been since this post was made and recently I have been getting the exact same issue. I have tried everything mentioned in the post to attempt to fix with no avail.

When my R hangs after a varied amount of time a pop up box quoting "R Code execution error" appears and the console displays - Error: node stack overflow.

I am not using anything too CPU heavy simply loading data (from network folders) then using tidyverse processes on it (dpylr, ggplot etc).

I am using R version 3.5.0 on Windows 10

Is there any update on this issue? Thanks

Could you possibly load data locally and not on the network? in your image it looks like there are 5 R studio sessions running. a great way to completely reset everything, it a clean install of Windows 10 with updates and then a new R and RStudio install. There really isn't 1 single answer for this issue. Good luck

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