Rstudio Hidden Gems


There’s a bunch of features not very well known but a game changer in Rstudio. Sometimes these gems don’t appear in documentation or in cheatsheets.

What’s your hidden gem ?

My first addition to the topic:

Add a timestamp to your code chunk just type ts and then Shift + Tab

# Wed Feb 07 10:07:33 2018 ------------------------------


Reflow code with Ctrl + Shift + A


Yeah, a good one. But maybe it’s not so hidden as it appears in Keyboard quick reference (Alt + Shift + K)

But one of my favourites anyway.



You can assign a shortcut for “Go To Next Chunk” in RMarkdown documents. I usually assign Ctrl + Down Arrow


The cheatsheet link under the Help tab makes me happy. Its not hidden but even so it took me a while to “discover” it.


ctrl + . to find files or function.


Shift + Ctrl + r to insert a section heading or just a line to break up sections of code. Not a game changer really but saves you typing out a the # es


You can clear the screen by typing:


on your console.


Ctrl l is even shorter for that (and l as in löschen is easy to remember if you happen to a German)


= “Control-Limpiar” (clear screen) in Spanish :slight_smile:


Nice! But why can’t they format the date correctly? :smiling_imp:

Feature Request: timestamp in ISO8601-ish format

This would be awesome if there is a shortcut for this one:

Jump cursor to different section headings in Rmarkdown.

Please tell me it exists.


In R Markdown documents, you can use Ctrl + PageUp and Ctrl + PageDown to quickly jump to the previous and next section (including chunks).

You can also pop up the scope tree list using Shift + Alt + J (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + J on macOS).