RStudio IDE crashing when loading quarto package


I'm having a lot of fun using quarto. But at the moment when I try to load quarto -- library(quarto) -- RStudio completely crashes ("R Session Aborted"). I'm seeing that this was an issue for someone else at the link below. I followed the instructions to make sure I had the most recent version of quarto and RStudio but am still seeing the issue.

packageVersion("quarto") gives 1.3
RStudio: "Chocolate Cosmos" Daily (94b3158e, 2024-01-10)
R version 4.3.2
Mac running Monterey


When I installed from the development version (remotes::install_github("quarto-dev/quarto-r")) and allowed it to update dependencies it now works.

THanks for the report. And sorry about this. We'll make a R package release very soon;

Not sure what is the problem though so hopefully it is fully fixed :thinking:

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