RStudio IDE doesn't display after login

The Linux server running RStudio Server Open Source was restarted after the installation of the latest version, i.e. 2023.09.1+494-1, and after the restart RStudio allows a user to login successfully, the next windows shows RStudio loading with loading dial showing progress but rstudio never displays. If the rsession process is terminate on the command line, rstudio is then displayed. RStudio is running on a RHEL 8 server behind an Nginx proxy server. The configuration files for Rstudio and Nginx weren't changed before the server restart. Since the restart, RStudio has been re-installed a number of times, but the problem still exists. RStudio is using R 4.0.4 with the latest updates installed. The RStudio log files don't show any particular errors.

Has anybody seen this problem before and can supply a solution.