RStudio IDE in AWS

Total newbie to ubuntu but I hear that it's super-fast compared to my Mac.

I have spun up virtual machines on AWS before but not a linux one. I used this recommended AMI: RStudio-1.2.1335_R-3.6.0_CUDA-10.0_cuDNN-7.5.1_ubuntu-18.04-LTS-64bit (ami-09aea2adb48655672).

When I connect it opens to a terminal screen. How do I get to the Studio IDE? How do I even get to the operating system GUI. I've never used linux before but I presume that there is an RStudio IDE that I can open.

I did try a couple other "Rstudio-ubuntu" AMI's and couldn't see how to open the RStudio IDE in any of them either. I was able to open the Ubuntu Desktop in one though.

With Linux you get a heedless server so no GUI, and you must have RStudio server so you have to open a web browser and type http://your_instance_public_ip:8787 but make sure that you have 8787 port open on your security settings.

Thanks. Your reply helped. I found an AMI that has the RStudio GUI. Weird thing is that when you log in they give you a choice of going to RStudio or the desktop or the terminal and once you choose one you are locked in to that app. For instance I don't see a way to get to a file explorer or the desktop when I'm in RStudio. This is going to take some getting used to. Not to mention that curl, httr, and rvest don't seem to want to load.
netcubed/amd64/ubuntu-desktop-18.04-v1.3.2-20200108.40-7a90aa02-06a1-4c3a-93cb-c4572cc77c6c-ami-0aa439f80f9d0d089.4 (ami-022a505199d19fbe4)

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