RStudio IDE not opening on Windows 10 when run as administrator

I'm using RStudio IDE 2022.07.2 Build 576 on Windows 10 Enterprise Build 19045.

Due to IT policy issues I have to run RStudio as administrator (so loading packages will work).

However, after recently trying to update RStudio, running as administrator no longer works. When I try and open RStudio as administrator, it simply doesn't open (yet I can see the RStudio process in windows task manager).

Interestingly, If I don't run as administrator, RStudio opens as normal (but I really need to open it as administrator to carry out my work).

I've tried updating to RStudio-2022.12.0-353 and RStudio-2023.03.0-386 but the same issue applies.

When I re-install RStudio-2022.07.2-576 then running as administrator works no problems.

Has anyone come across this?

Or any clues on what might be going on?

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