RStudio IDE - quickly switch between two pane layouts?



Depending on which project I'm working on, I'd prefer to use one of two different RStudio pane layouts. As far as I know, it is only possible to manually change pane layouts, which is a bit of a hassle and thus not something I want to do frequently (and using hotkeys to focus on a single pane is not the solution I'm looking for here either).

I'd like to hear if I'm missing out on something and it is somehow is possible to automate (e.g. by writing a function/addin that automatically switches between multiple layouts), or if anybody else has thought of this?


There is not, and I'm like 90% sure this has come up in the forum before, but I can't find it — it may have been specific to reverting to default or something of the like. If you browse issues in the IDE repo and there isn't one there, you can open a feature request: