Rstudio installation for windon 10 latest version

hello Rstudio community, I need help on installing my Rstudio 1.4 for windon 10.. i have installed it many times but it doesnt run.. it still refer me back to installation...kidly help

Did you install R first right?

yes i installed R first

thank you for responding to me, i will be awaiting your next responce

Hi, can you please be more specific? What do you mean by "it doesn't run"? Do you get any error message? Can you share a screenshot of what you are actually seeing?

thank you, after installation then i tried opening the app it will refer me back to installation i:e i should install the app
, that is what i refered to it doesnt run

That is not a common situation, Can you please share a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try to open the RStudio executable?