Rstudio Installation on Raspberry Pi4

Hi Community,
I was looking for a Raspberry Pi 4 version of Rstudio.
Currently mi R- PI 4B is running Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) OS.
Has somebody some hint?
Thanks in advance.

There are no official stable releases for Linux arm distributions, but there are experimental builds for arm64, sadly, they are only for Ubuntu 22.04 (and possibly Debian 12) and since the latest Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian 11 they are not compatible.

You can either use Ubuntu 22.04 instead of Pi OS or try to compile RStudio yourself which is possible but painful, also, have in mind that since quarto is not available for arm architectures you can't have quarto capabilities either way, just plain old pandoc.

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Hi Andrés, thanks a lot for your clarification!
As per your response, in my case I will continue using the R Pi OS and eventually wait for a RStudio "native" version for it.
Regards, Marce

In case you change your mind I have a blog post about installing the RStudio IDE on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS for arm64

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Thanks again Andrés! I think I would free up one of my RPis to explore that :slight_smile:

Now there are Raspberry Pi OS x64 compatible builds, check my blog post for more details.

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