RStudio IRT (mirt)

I am applying the IRT (Item Response Theory) with the Mirt package in RStudio. However, when Mirt is applied, processing stops when it reaches 500 iterations. Is it possible to increase the number of iterations? If yes, how?

Thank you very much in advance.

There is an argument to MIRT called CONTROL:

mirt(data, model, itemtype = NULL, guess = 0, upper = 1,
SE = FALSE, covdata = NULL, formula = NULL, SE.type = "Oakes",
method = "EM", optimizer = NULL, dentype = "Gaussian",
pars = NULL, constrain = NULL, parprior = NULL, calcNull = FALSE,
draws = 5000, control = list()

CONTROL: a list passed to the respective optimizers (i.e., optim(), nlminb(), etc). Additional arguments have been included for the 'NR' optimizer: 'tol' for the
convergence tolerance in the M-step (default is TOL/1000), while the default
number of iterations for t

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You change change the argument via the technical list input as this relates to the number of EM iterations. E.g., the following increases the number of EM cycles to 10000.

mod <- mirt(data, model, ..., technical = list(NCYCLES = 10000))

Thank you very much. Solved the problem :wink:

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