RStudio is becoming Posit

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About this rebranding and new language-agnostic data science orientation, I'm curious about the future of this obviously RStudio branded forum. It is also going to get rebranded? If so, how are you planning to manage the multi language feature?


Hey, what about RStudio API?


Posit sounds like a link function, so you've got that going for you which is nice.

I don't like the new name


This is an expected move, since data science now is not solely done with R. Having a name linked with R might turn-away non R users from using or trying out RStudio/Posit products.
Personally this makes me a little sad, I love R and RStudio. But that's how life goes on and how evolution finds its way.


Do we know if the app itself is also becoming Posit? That wasn’t clear in the release.

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If by app you mean the open source RStudio IDE, then, no, it is going to keep its name but the commercial counterpart "Workbench" is its going to become Posit Workbench.

Source: Tweet by Hadley Wickham a.k.a Tidyman


Yes, almost certainly there will be a rebrand of this community forum.

We are committed to providing a user forum like this for all things RStudio (and posit), so a forum like this will almost certainly continue. But there aren't any concrete plans for how that would work, certainly curious what you think?!

One area of change that is likely, helping folks tap into all the various ways or joining, participating and contributing to os tooling, particularly posit's, via a single resource. For example, it should be easier to find all the virtual events we run, to join a meetup group or R-Ladies, to start contributing to code, to find our swag and the swag the community shares, in additional to answering and asking coding questions.

The discord server at rstudio::conf(2022) seemed to be a big hit too, however it's a lot of work to moderate and run well, particularly with large groups and over a long time.

I think there should be some sort of macro categories for each language as a way to minimize the friction among fanatics. Way too many people feel very strongly about their preferred programming language and the inevitable "R" vs "Python" (or other languages) discussions might become challenging to handle and even to withstand.


I'm putting in a security request today to allow traffic to, I wonder if I should include

What kind of traffic would this be for? Many of our websites will 301 redirect to a new domain after mid-October. For example, our support website and many docs.

But things like our cran mirror should be alive for some time after the official name change.

Will the new CRAN support GPU usage from the libraries by default?

This has no relation to the topic, they are announcing a rebranding of their company, not news about the general R ecosystem of packages.

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As a basic user I sturgle to see how this benefits with the community. I don't see any Python user leave the well-established IDEs they're using, and not eve Julia users leave visual studio.

RStudio was so good because it interacted primarily with and for R users. But hey, if Facebook changed to meta, RStudio can change to Posit.

The RStudio IDE is going to continue being primarily about R with some multilanguage support. But they are going to expand their professional products (i. e. paid commercial products) to address data science more broadly. This is more about what enterprise grade features they can bring to the table for more complex environments.


I don’t think you’ll see any change with the RStudio IDE’s focus on R.

The company name change reflects the fact that Posit now is doing a lot. The tidyverse, shiny, tidymodels, vetiver, Quarto (plus R Markdown), the professional products strive to support teams using whatever technology they prefer.

I think you get the point, continuing to call it RStudio is a little confusing for people who only associate the company with the IDE.

But the ide also isn’t going anywhere. In fact I think there’s a few big updates that will hopefully speed performance.

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