RStudio is not saving my work

RStudio is no longer working and I have an assignment due in a couple of days and my professor does not know what to do. I can restart the assignment, but it is a lot to do and time consuming. I am simply scared I won't be able to turn it in on time before grades are due and messing up my GPA. This is my first semester in college and it would help a lot.

dont panic; an .rmd document is simply plain text; so you would be fine to just copy and paste the contents into notepad and save it anywhere you can find it convenient to save it to.
Beyond that ; I lack knowledge of your file system; how aware of it are you ?

if you go to the file browser in the bottom right pane, what shows there ? does the home button work ? do you have write privileges there ?

if you go to the terminal (Alt+Shift+R to open) and type pwd, where does it think you are ?

It still not working, it shows it is not recognised as a command.
I do not have much acknowledge of my file system.

Does your system have a plain text editor that is capable of saving text anywhere ? if so my original suggestion of copying and pasting stands.

Lets use R to explore your system then;
in the console; what is the result you get when you run the commands ?



copy and pasting the results are preferred above screenshots

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