Rstudio isn't executing the codes on macOS Big Sur


Rstudio version: 1.2.5042
macOS : Big Sur 11.0.1

When I try to to execute a particular line of code in console, it does not execute, the cursor just blinks. Any similar experiences? Kindly share.

If you run x <- 4 from the console then x will appear in the Environment pane while the blinking cursor moves to the next line. Because the output has been assigned to x, nothing is printed to the console. How is the behavior you describe different? Can you share the particular line of code that causes the error?

What version of R is installed? Consider updating RStudio from 1.2 to 1.4 and macOS from 11.0.1 (the initial public release) to 11.4 (or wait for 11.5, which is about to be released) .

R version:

R version 4.0.3 (2020-10-10) -- "Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out"

Copyright (C) 2020 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing

Platform: x86_64-apple-darwin19.6.0 (64-bit)

The problem is not just with console, in general the code is not getting executed. I mean if you do (in console)

>  x <- 4 (after I hit enter, it sholud come like)

But this is not happening

> x <- 4

The cursor just blinks there, that is to say Rstudio is not responding. Then again when I quit it , it takes long to actually quit the Rstudio

Thanks for the clarification. Does the same thing happen in the R app?

Sadly, this behavior is way outside of my expertise. Good luck!!

No, when I got to R environment in mac terminal and say do a simple calculation

> 5

It works fine, this problem is with the Rstudio. I will try unistalling and reinstalling it, just that I dont have that much time due to my project deadline so was looking for troubleshooting ways.

Thanks for your attention anyway :blush:

Have you tried resetting RStudio's state?

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uninstalled and reinstalled Rstudio using homebreew cask. Problem seemed to be solved for the moment.

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