Rstudio Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+ALT+F11 puts LINUX to sleep mode!!

Hi all!

Suppose I have 10+ plots
in my Rstudio Plots Panel.
I can only see 1 plot at a time, obviously.

I want to use kbd shortcuts
INSTEAD OF clicking on the tiny blue arrows (above the plots),
to see the next or previous plot.

The current Rstudio kbd shortcut for this,
already exists:
CTRL+ALT+F11 or F12 ( see previous/next plot).

BUT...this kbd shortcut is used by LINUX itself
to "go to sleep"!!!!.
My monitor turns black...ZZZZZ....

So, there is a BIG kbd shortcut conflict
btw Rstudio and Ubuntu LINUX 14.04 LTS (32 bits).

My objective:
Need kbd shortcuts to cycle through plots,
(to see next / previous plot / 1st and Last plot),
in my Rstudio Plots Panel.

Without putting Linux "to sleep"... :slight_smile:

San Francisco
latest Rstudio + Ubuntu LINUX 14.04 LTS (32 bits)

Well, I'm on Windows 10, and I can change the keyboard shortcuts quite easily. Most probably, it'll be same for Ubuntu, too.

Go to Tools > Modify Keyboard Shortcuts.... Find the Show Previous Plot and Show Next Plot and change as per your preference.

Actually, for me, the default shortcuts are Ctrl + Alt + F11 and Ctrl + Alt + F12 respectively, and the following post indicates that it should be same for you, unless you changed it previously:

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Thanks for the suggestion Yarnabrina!.

Will change the current Rstudio kbd shortcuts
to see the prev / next plot.

Have to try to find an "unused" combination of keys,
for the new kbd shortcut.

There are so many kbd shortcuts in Rstudio,
that I want to avoid creating
another "shortcut conflict".... :slight_smile:

ok! changed shortcut: "Next Plot" to CTRL+RIGHT,
and "Prev Plot" to CTRL+LEFT.
Works great in Linux.

Thanks Yarnabrina
for your effective and quick help!

San Francisco

You're welcome. :grinning:

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