RStudio: lavaan ERROR: unordered factor(s) detected with SEM

Hey, I need some help with lavaan and SEM!
Thats the code:

AAmodel <- "
AAT1 =~ T1_ESE16+T1_ESE68+T1_ESE62+T1_ESE79+T1_ESE34
AAT2 =~ T2_ESE16+T2_ESE68+T2_ESE62+T2_ESE79+T2_ESE34
AAfit <- sem(model = AAmodel, data = bis)

summary(AAfit, standardized = TRUE, fit.measures= TRUE)

The error message when trying to run "AAfit <-..." says:

Error in lav_data_full(data = data, group = group, cluster = cluster, :
lavaan ERROR: unordered factor(s) detected; make them numeric or ordered: T1_ESE16 T1_ESE68 T1_ESE62 T1_ESE79 T1_ESE34 T2_ESE16 T2_ESE68 T2_ESE62 T2_ESE79 T2_ESE34"

What do I do now? All the variables are at least scaled ordinal.
Hope this is the right board to ask this.


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