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im working for a company with a limited number of employees, where we are running an online-shop. So my
question is, whether RStudio can be used free of charge (open source / using AGPLv3 license) for the following use case, where ..

.. i will be the only one using RStudio ..
.. RStudio will server as a tool for exclusively perform Data Analysis, in order to gain some insights from our shop (weekly users, weekly sessions, developement of the conversion-rate and so on) ..
.. no content of this Analysis or components of RStudio will be shared to someone outside the company.

Greatly appreciate some response from DataCamp.
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Are you just referring to the RStudio Desktop IDE? If so, it's 100% free and open source.

Yes, iam reffering to the RStudio Desktop IDE. Thank You! :slight_smile:

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I wanted to ask a related question. I just joined a new firm. The firm doesn't allow individuals to download and install Rstudio but rather the IT department packages everything and installs R on individual computers. They have done that for basic R already. My question is, can they use Rstudio free version, put it in the whole R package too and install it on individual computers without violating any open source licence? Thanks.


The Open Source edition of the RStudio IDE is licensed under AGPLv3. The question isn't so much whether doing what you describe will violate the license, but whether your firm is able or willing to comply with the copyleft requirements that come along with such use. Obviously this is something you'll need to determine internally. R itself is licensed under very similar terms, so if you're using R this way already then it's likely you'll be able to use the RStudio IDE, as well. But technically speaking, this gets into legal issues that people on the internet can't definitively advise you on :grin:.

If for whatever reason the AGPL isn't compatible with your firm's policies, commercial licenses for the IDE are also available. See:

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