Rstudio: main interface replaced by a plot window, how to recover ???

Hi guys, as a newer, glad to be here with this strange issue, if it is..

first plot sth.

Zoom to see a big view in a new window

left click inside the new window, hold down, drag to the main interface

then the whole main interface become this plot !!! ...
this happens when you just want to move the new window, and click not on the header but below a little

how to recover the interface?
especially the script, if have written many lines of code without saving it, then will lose it, if just close the rstudio

This is strange behavior but RStudio IDE is based on a web browser and react as one. This behavior is similar of what you can do with a web browser. However, I can't reproduce on last RStudio Version.

Ty the menu View to get back to source. Or CTRL+1 to move focus to source, or CTRL + SHIFT + 1 to zoom on source

thanks, but it seems nothing changes..
when the interface become a plot, menu only View works, but its options change a lot .
neither four options for a plot could get back to source

nothing happens with CTRL+1 or CTRL+SHIFT+1 either
my RStudio version is 1.1.456, Linux x64

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