Rstudio maxing out CPU in Mac OSX 10.14.3

I've been way from Rstudio for a few weeks, but when setting up some rather trivial analyses today, I find that Rstudio on two separate Macs (both running OSX 10.14.3 - Mojave) are consuming excessive amounts of CPU time while doing essentially nothing (trying to type a command) and displaying "not responding" in the Activity monitor. Reinstalling Rstudio doesn't fix the problem.

The datasets that are being analyzed are comparable in size to ones I've analyzed many times in the past- so I am a bit puzzled but this behavior and wondering if there may be problems that may be caused by a recent upgrade to Mac OSX.

Anyone else having this problem?

What version of RStudio are you using? Do you have any better luck with the preview release?

I was using the most recent distributed version of RStudio. Tried reinstalling it but got the same problem on two different machines (Mac Pro with 3.7 Ghtz Quad Core Xenon E5 with 32 GB RAM and MacBook Pro with an 2.9 Mhtz Intel i7 and 16GB RAM). Both machines resulted in the same problem

The dataset was a matrix of numeric data (about 2400 x 2400) imported from either a text of Excel file using readr. When loaded by the View function, the CPU maxed out for minutes at a time. Typing a single character on the command line resulted in more churning by the CPU. Closing the viewer solved the churning problem but made this version of RStudio less effective for what I needed to accomplish. The problem occurred whether the data were treated as a numeric matrix, a dataframe or a tibble.

Rolling back RStudio to Version 1.0.153 solved the problem. The matrix loads up without any problem. This allowed me to run the analysis I needed to complete.

I have not yet tried the preview version, but will in a few days, when I can revisit this analysis.

So specifically, your issue is with large datasets that you're opening with View()?

We have explicitly spent some time improving the performance of the Data Viewer in the preview release -- it wasn't clear to me but if you haven't tried downloading it yet you should give it a shot.

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