RStudio mysteriously freezing

Hello all, I am posting here because I cannot find any answers to my problem.

About 2-3 days ago RStudio stopped being usable. Code runs in normal amounts of time, but the IDE itself is randomly freezing, sometimes for over a minute. The cursor in the editor is frozen completely, text doesn't appear when I type, and I cannot click on any buttons in the GUI. Sometimes it takes several minutes for RStudio to startup, and most of the screen is white. I have been using RStudio on this computer for the past 4 years without any issue. Base R works great, so I don't think it is an R issue itself.

Turning off my internet connection seems to make RStudio run normally again, which is surprising, but also problematic when you are trying to research, write, answer emails, etc.

I have tried deleting my entire R/RStudio installation and starting over with the newest version, but that made no difference. It makes no difference if I am using packages or not.

Anyone have any ideas that I can try?

For reference, I am using R 3.6.2, with RStudio 1.2.5033-1 on a Lenovo with Windows 7. As best as I can tell my OS hasn't updated recently enough to link it to this problem.


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This could be caused by a hang in display drivers. Does switching to software rendering solve the problem?


I tried switching display drivers as described, but it did not help at all.

I also tried isolating R/RStudio from the internet with my firewall, but that also had no effect. However, turning off internet completely seems to work.


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