RStudio not accepting server certificate


Some students are running into the following issue when trying to start an RStudio project linked to their class subversion repository at the university. They are using the latest version of RStudio for a mac.

On the "New Project" pop-up window they enter all the repository information and hit the "Create Project" button. Then they are presented with a "SVN Checkout" pop-up window that says that the server certificate for the server is not issued by a trusted authority, and that they need to validate the certificate manually. They are asked if they would like to reject, temporarily accept or permanently accept the certificate. Unfortunately, the pop-up window does not accept their response to this question, and so they are stuck with the default "reject". However, the students are able to accept the certificate manually using the svn command-line tool, and so I'm wondering if this is a bug in the latest version of RStudio. Using an older version of RStudio, some years ago, I had no troubles accepting the certificate on my mac. Also, with the new version of RStudio, I have no trouble updating the subversion repository, having previously accepted the certificate permanently with an older version of RStudio. Thanks.



In case it helps, I've also had a report of the same problem accepting the server certificate from another student using the latest version of RStudio on Windows.


This sounds like a bug in RStudio 1.1. We're releasing a new version this week which fixes it; if you'd like to try it early, you can do so here:

Hope this helps (and sorry for the inconvenience!)


Thanks, Jonathan, for your quick response; yes, this is very helpful and no worries.