RStudio on windows 10 keeps creating new empty scripts

This is not a problem, but it is very annoying.

I use Rstudio at work on windows 10 machine. And I tend to work on my script using
a monitor for scripting and a monitor only focused on console with Ctrl + Shift + 2.
However, when I switch from script to console or vice-versa with Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + 2, Rstudio
keeps creating "Untitled" scripts.

Usually, when I am done, I have around 5 new empty scripts, which remain for the
next Rstudio session. Is there any way this cannot happen?
I would like to create empty scripts as I need them.


Welcome to the RStudio community!

That's a weird behavior... normally the command for a new script is ctrl + shift + n. Did you change the default hot-keys in the settings at any point?


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