RStudio opens as empty window

I've tried to install RStudio (version 2022.02.2+485) on Ubuntu 22.04 from the .deb file. When opening it, I only get a blank screen, apart from the menu items (File, Edit, etc.). If I click on those menu items, nothing happens. I can't even close the window without resorting to xkill.

Running the following did not change anything:

export RSTUDIO_CHROMIUM_ARGUMENTS="--disable-gpu"

I also tried installing RStudio from source. That didn't work as Cmake complained that it couldn't find Qt SDK. I wasn't able to resolve that issue.

Ubuntu 22.04 is not supported on the latest stable release, you can try installing the latest daily build although be aware that these are testing builds so they might be unstable.

Marvellous, thank you!

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