Rstudio opens to a blank white screen

I'm trying to install Rstudio for the first time, but it opens to a blank white screen. The menu options are there and I can open the dropdown menus, but most don't seem to work (eg. can't open global options or preferences).
I've deleted/reinstalled R and Rstudio several times, as well as trying older versions of R and the preview release of Rstudio.
I know there are a few other topics similar to this but I've been through them all with no luck.

Currently I am using
R: 3.6.2
Rstudio: 1.2.5033
OS: Mac 10.14.2 Beta (18C38b)
Picture of the issue:

There are a couple things you can try

  • Reset RStudio's state
  • Try changing to software rendering, you can change it by holding the Ctrl key while opening RStudio, then you should see this menu and change the "Rendering Engine" to "Software".
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I reset Rstudio's state but it didn't seem to fix the problem.
I'm using a mac so I can't do Ctrl open but I tried launching RStudio from a terminal with the GPU disabled and that didn't fix it either. :frowning:


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