RStudio panes un-minimize even when no tabs update & other pane pains

I'm having lots of issues with RStudio panes.

  1. I like to have a 3 pane layout most of the time so that my source pane can be full length. RStudio won't allow you to remove all the items from one quadrant, so I leave one item that I never use in one and move everything else to the other. However, when I plot or do any other activity that causes the plot pane to open, it also un-minimized the unwanted pane. Super annoying.

  2. I actually want to focus the plot pane when I create a new plot and I have some other tab open in that pane. Often Rstudio won't switch to it.

  3. When I have a zoomed plot window open, it should come to the foreground when I create a new plot. It doesn't.

  4. When I hit "Zoom" when a plot zoom window is already open, it should come to the foreground. It doesn't.

Any help would be appreciated. Is this the expected behavior or is something wrong with my install?