RStudio Preview IDE 1.2.114 MacOs Screen Size problem


I have just downloaded RStudio Preview IDE v 1.2.114 for MacOs and IDE covers only querter of RStudio window, rest is black. I previously used not a preview version and it was fine.
Please see the screenshot below. Do you know if it is a bug? any help is appreciated.
I am using MacOs High Sierra

This is a known issue, and we're currently tracking it at

Some success with the following


Looks like yet another QtWebEngine / Chromium bug. The issue goes away in my case if I switch to software rendering:

screen shot 2018-09-13 at 4 17 43 pm

Can you give that a try and let me know if it works?

I figured it out about thirty seconds after asking. If you go to the issue linked above it explains that it's an issue with thunderbolt displays and if you're on a laptop simply disconnect your display, start from there and then it looks okay and you can change the setting normally.

Any tips on how to actually set this? Due to the big it's actually extremely difficult to interact with the preferences menu. Can the OS Integration setting be change with a flag or something? Thanks!

We're hoping to fix this problem in time for the v1.2 official release so that workarounds here are unnecessary.

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