Rstudio-preview version: 1.2.1244, Windows 10,

pressing ALT and selecting vertical more than one line hangs R (restart session does not solve the problem...

Thanks for the report.

Some system Information could be useful as well

#### System Information:
- RStudio Edition: (Desktop or Server)
- RStudio Version: 
- OS Version: 
- R Version: 

#### Also:
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- RStudio diagnostics report: <!--see /-->
- Your `sessionInfo()`:
- RStudio crash report: <!-- /-->
- RStudio application log files: <!-- /-->
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You're right, thanks for the information,
=> error occured twice, but seems now project related, and couldn't be reproduced instantly, therefore please close the case.
=> will poste again, if I can reproduce and in more detail characterise the error.

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