RStudio Preview Version 1.4.904 @insert citation hangs

I loved the In Visual Markdown Editor particularly the feature of inserting citations using persistent identifier searches such as pubmed search or doi search. However @insert citation does not work as intended for example with search for pubmed once a reference is selected and insert button pressed I can see the rotating circle gif with creating bibliography entry and it just hangs
Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Do you think you could create and show an example of this, perhaps with a gif?

Zotero forums have a few posts related to slow citation insertions, you might check these out for what may cause this process to be slow.

I tried searching, I think it is a specific problem with RStudio preview, it hangs after you click on the insert button on the insert citation after search dialog box. It hangs forever :frowning:
No reference citation is inserted.

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