RStudio publish drop down list too long to create a new destination

I realize I have many deployed files in one project but they are all related files. I manage around 15 markdown files that are tied to a shiny application in one project. With deploying to a QA and a prod the destination list gets very long. I no longer can zoom out far enough to select the option to create a new destination so I can't deploy anything new with the drop down interface. Not sure if a scroll bar could be added to this drop down or if there's another way to display all the possible deploy destinations that exist or only show the ones directly tied to the file that is opened vs. all destinations tied to the project?

In the mean time, is my only work around to deploy via the command line or is there another solution?


I'm going to answer my own question :slight_smile:

It appears if you pop out the file to it's own window outside the main console, the deploy dropdown will only contain relevant deploys.

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