Rstudio RAM space


I uploaded my dataset for my project and it took up the whole Ram space and resulted to an error message. The files are not that large and i am unable to increase the RAM space, please what can i do?

Free accounts are limited to 1GB of RAM, if getting a paid account is not an option for you and your data takes more than 1 GB when loaded into memory then you might want to work locally in your own computer which most likely has more than 1GB of RAM, you can install the desktop version of RStudio open source for free.

Thank you, i did as you suggested and it worked.

I was trying to knit my document but i keep getting error messages:

Error in contrib.url(repos, "source") :
trying to use CRAN without setting a mirror
Calls: ... eval_with_user_handlers -> eval -> eval -> install.packages -> contrib.url
Execution halted

Please do you have a solution for the above? Thank you

This is a very different question, we like to keep things tidy around here so not-related follow-up questions should be asked on a new topic.

I'm going to address your issue shortly here. You should not install packages in Rmd files. Remove any install.packages() command from your Rmd file.

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