RStudio running abnormally slow for every action, including cleaning console and saving file.

My RStudio has been running super slow recently for every execution, even for loading a library or saving a file. Everytime I ran a command, feels like it needs to wait for connection for a long time. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it but still didn't work.
Please kindly help me, thank you in advance.
Both R and Rstudio are in the newest version.

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What version of RStudio are you using? Do you see the same issue in the preview release

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RStudio Version 1.1.463. I haven't tried the earlier versions, I download the newest version from the website.
Thank you.

yes same issue in the preview release.
feel like rstudio is waiting for connection before every execution. and i've tried many different versions.
any idea? thanks

After observing some of this slowness, if you try pressing Ctrl + `, you should get a picture of a request log (roughly, some of the actions RStudio has been trying to take behind the scenes). Can you try sharing a screenshot of what that shows you?

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Any idea? thank you.

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Also, everytime I execute commands, the console will freeze and only show the first line of my executing code for a while. Feels like it's waiting for connection, like this:

I found some posts which have same issue as mine, but I don't see any solution in them:

Any idea? Thank you.

Looks like the diagnostics system (lint_r_source_document) may be the culprit here.

If you disable diagnostics, does the issue go away? (Try unchecking the Show diagnostics for R checkbox)

If this does fix the issue, it implies that there's something in your R code that's causing the diagnostics system to slow down. Would you be able to share the document(s) you are working with where you're seeing this slowness?


Feel like it fixed my problem. Thank you so much, this has been bugging me for weeks.


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