RStudio screen forzen after awaken from long sleep

My RStudio screen was frequently frozen after awaken from an overnight sleep. See a screen shot below:

Note the black rectangular patch. I had to quit and start all over again. It doesn't happen for a short sleep (an hour or two) but quite often over an overnight sleep (more than 8 hours).

This happens after I installed the newest version of RStudio from 2022.0.2.3.

Thanks for your help.

This is probably an issue with RStudio's rendering engine. If you're willing to try a preview release, we have one with a new Electron based rendering engine you can try here:

(you want a build from the Desktop Electron Version section of that page)

Perhaps I will wait for the stable version. Look like I am the only one who has this problem.
Thanks for your help.

In my experience the preview versions are very stable. I have had occasional glitches with daily builds, but not previews.

It's not just you, it also happens to me regularly. The exact shape of the black box somehow depends on the screen used.

I installed RStudio 2022.07.1 Build 554 two days ago. This morning when I woke up my computer, again it froze and I had to quit the session and start the session all over again.

I'm using a Widows 11 machine with R version 4.2.0.

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