rStudio Server: Automatically Create a New Project when no project file exists while opening a project in a folder

In earlier versions of rStudio Server (I'm sorry I do not remember which, but versions from about a year ago, around 1.3.*), when I used to choose the "Open Project" option, and point to a folder that did not have a Rproj file, rStudio Server would automatically create a new project there and open it.

Now it just gives an error along the lines of "not found". The current version is 1.4.1717.

This is important for efficiency, as in my scenario, I have to work with a LOT of different projects, and it is difficult to remember whether a project was already created in a directory or not. In case it wasn't, now I have to cancel the dialogue, and go to "New Project" and create a project.

Is there some way to bring back the old functionality?

Thanks and regards

New projects created by RStudio in whichever ever version you have should include a project file (documentation here).

The IDE team doesn't have much to go on to help. Do you have any system or other information they can use to reproduce and diagnose the issue?

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