rstudio server community "error referenceerror encrypt is not defined"

Triyng to login to the page:


with user and password the web app return the error message:

"error referenceerror encrypt is not defined"

System information

  • Version of RStudio : rstudio-server-rhel-1.3.1073-x86_64
  • Output from sessionInfo() in standard R console

Error information

  • General description
  • Error messages: see above
  • Log files (See here)
  • Attempted steps taken to fix
  • Have users successfully logged-in to RStudio Server in the past? yes



Which browser are you using?

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I tried all.. chrome, firefox and explorer... thanks! :slight_smile:


Why I can't see any log file?

I undrestood this was a js issue... and disabling my company proxy from browser all works fine!

Sorry and thank you :slight_smile: