RStudio Server Connection Pane not showing

I encounter a problem similar to this thread:

The author solved this by deleting all .rstudio/ config files. It did work, but the downside is you lose all RStudio settings.

My solution: delete .rstudio/monitored/connection-history-database.json
then you connection pane restored to the initial state and all other settings remain intact.


  1. The config folders are usually in your home directory and hidden. Use ls -l to locate them.
  2. The config folders won't go away by simply uninstall the R/R Studio. So you have to delete them manually.

I had the same problem, but I haven't been able to solve it yet. I updated the R studio version, but I still have the problem! I uninstalled and installed again, and the problem persists. I deleted the files and nothing! Please, can anyone help me?

Hi, I managed to solve it !!!

What helped me was this article:

As the user's preference settings are in an operating system folder, so when the software or reinstallation stays with the previous settings.

Yep, you find the solution.
The configuration files don't go away with uninstallation, unless we manually delete them.

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