RStudio Server GUI frozen for a long time during repository checkout

I've just installed RStudio Server ver. 1.1.463 for CentOS edition on my server. Everythings gone fine, except the git projects with large repos (hundreds MB and more). When I try do the git checkout action from RServer Studio GUI, it takes ages. Usually a couple of minuts, in which RStudio is frozen and I cannot see any activity (except web-browser warnings, that the page stop responding).

Similar situattion occure when I try to run git checkout externally, directly from the bash console. The checkout itself takes seconds. But after that, a seconds later RStudio Server GUI stop responding.

I believe, that during that time RStudio Server is scanning and indexing files (because at the half of the process I can see a long list of files under Git panel), but I do not see any activity on the server resources - neither processor utilization nor disks activity.

On some heavily-branched repositories (several thousand branches or so) similar issue occuring when I try expand branches list - everything freeze, without showing me the list, for a couple of minutes.

Of course, if I close R project and work only with a bunch of files, everything works smoothly. Maybe I will have to use a small workaround: Close project, git checkout using bash, Reopen project. This works without down times, but I believe that this is not the best possible solution.

I couldn't find any relevant post in StackOverflow or this forum. Any ideas?

Do you by any chance have better luck with the preview release?

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