RStudio server in Docker does not start up


We have been running RStudio server in docker for quite some time and the start-up was pretty simple. As of version 1.3.x something changed and we had to modify how this starts up. Let me be as detailed as possible and show what we had in 1.2.x first:

Docker - RStudio server 1.2.x
/usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/rserver --www-port=8888 --auth-none=1 --server-app-armor-enabled=0

Docker - Rstudio server 1.3.x

mkdir -p /tmp/rstudio-server
/usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/rserver --www-port=8888 --auth-none=1 --server-daemonize=0 --server-data-dir="$RSTUDIO_SERVER_DATA_DIR" --server-pid-file="$RSTUDIO_SERVER_DATA_DIR/"

As we kept up with new version of server it stopped working once we got past 1.3.959. As long as we stayed at that specific version or older it works but newer we just get a message stating "R is taking longer than usual to start" and it never does.

What changed after >1.3.959 that is causing this behavior.



I've been pulling my hair out also trying to figure out what's happening since I'm seeing it too in my terraform builds. It turns out there's a known bug in R-Studio Server 1.3.1073: Sounds like they're aiming to have it fixed in 1.4.

I'm surprised you're not hitting the other bug referenced in 1.3.959, where the first visit shows a login page and subsequent times work. I've had to back up two versions, to 1.2.5042 which doesn't seem to have an issue.


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Hi Andrew,

I am so happy you were replying on this as I thought I was going insane. To be clear, I am hitting the login issue with 1.3.959 but it does work in comparison to the later release so I just pinned my installs to that as people can (not happily) live with that for now.

Guess we have to wait for 1.4 which is a bit of a wait for such a, IMHO, serious bug but it is what it is.

Appreciate the input.


Nope, not insane. I'm seeing the same issue with 1.3.959 where the initial visit shows a login page, but subsequent visits do work. I mostly noted going back to 1.2.5042 in case others (like me) come across your post since googling the issue does not lead to many productive results.

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