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I'm busy wrestling with proxy issues and the rocker/rstudio image. I have a question: isn't RStudio Server a commercial product? How come there is a free version such as the one in the rocker image?

There are two editions of RStudio Server made available:

  • RStudio Server Open Source, which is released as free open-source software licensed under the AGPL v3 license.

  • RStudio Server Pro, which is our professional offering with extra tools related to administration, authentication, and other tools often useful in an enterprise environment.

The rocker images bundle the open source version of RStudio Server.

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Great, that explains it! Just a question: if I wanted to make full use of the multiple cores of a remote server (it's a big guy with plenty of CPU nodes and GPU tensor nodes), would RStudio Server Pro make a difference in terms of performance? I'm sure it makes a difference in terms of authentication, data privacy, etc.

Not in that case -- R sessions will use all available computational resources as made available by the OS, regardless of whether you're using the open source or pro product.

RStudio Server Pro would become more useful if you had, for example, multiple users and multiple servers, and needed some kind of automatic load balancing so that R sessions could be cleanly distributed across the different nodes.

If you're running in a single-user, single-server configuration then the open source product may suit your needs.

Just to be clear, when you say single-user, single-server configuration, you mean that I'll be only user of the RStudio Server process, running on the remote server, right? Other users can always connect to the remote server with their clients for other tasks (such as, running Python scripts for example): they're just not expected to connect to my RStudio Server. Correct?

I ask because you say that

R sessions will use all available computational resources as made available by the OS

As long as I don't occupy all cores, this won't be an issue for the other users connected to the remote server, right?

Right, exactly.

That's correct.

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