RStudio Server lag on the command line

I have a user report:

Whenever I use our RStudio server pro I experience intermittent lag on the command line. That is, even the simplest command, like ls(), or listing the contents of a small variable, causes a lag between when I type the command and when I get the result. I can can usually count between 5 and 20 seconds. It's very intermittent - happening a few times within a few minutes, so most commands are unaffected, but it goes on throughout the day, so it's very disruptive. ... I've been looking for ways to quantify it, but wrapping commands in system.time(), or using Sys.time() before and after doesn't work because the lag seems to affect the transfer from the terminal, not the execution. I've tried correlating it with network or other activity on ganglia - no luck.

Any advice on how to best diagnose, or workaround to try are much appreciated.


At work I was connecting to R Server with a chrome browser and had similar issues as you describe. I found simply changing to firefox browser got me back to work. Damned if I know why.

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Thanks for the suggestion, which I've also seen elsewhere, but this did not improve matters in my user's case...

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