RStudio Server Login to Workspaces Page



Is there a setting available for RStudio Server that after a successful login users are taken to the workspaces page rather than launching a new session?


I recall there is a global option that could be set at the user side in the IDE for always going to the workspace.
I did not found at the time an option to set it at the server scope. What I do more often (and recommend to my users) is to use the /home endpoint as a browser shorcut: https:/ . This will ask for authentication and after will go to the workspaces page.


I thought I saw an option for it as well, but after looking at the docs I couldn't find it.

Thanks for the /home tip! I didn't know about that, and it will really help us.


When I have access to my pro server, o'll send you a screenshot of the user option to be deactivated.


Did you happen to find the option?